Meet the Hosts - Minneapolis Aruna Run

Meet the Hosts - Minneapolis Aruna Run

Meet the Spring Aruna Run Race Hosts

Spring race season is here! We are excited to be hosting Aruna Runs in Spokane, Washington; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Montrose, Colorado. The force behind these runs are the incredible, all-volunteer local race hosts. Not only are they passionate about the cause and raising funds for freedom, but they are also deeply committed to creating an outstanding race experience that reflects the value of the women we serve. We are incredibly grateful for the time, energy, and resources they are investing to get us back running for her freedom this year. 

The best part about these Aruna Runs? 100 percent of participant registration fees and additional donations go towards our mission of freeing, employing, and empowering survivors of human trafficking. The Runs are the catalyst of our freedom process with a majority of funds flowing into our Training Center where enslaved women come to receive a hot meal and skill & trade development in a safe environment. 

Meet Sam Xiong, Monica Toussaint, Caleb Hadley, and Justice Sahaydak!
We are all leaders in the campus ministry Cru at the University of Minnesota. When we heard about the Aruna Run, we were eager to seize the opportunity to fight for justice.

What inspired you to host an Aruna Run?
We are all passionate about raising awareness and support for trafficked women. 

Minneapolis Aruna Run, May 1

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