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Fairoz’s Story

Fairoz was born into exploitation, which ensured she would have little choice concerning the direction of her life.

Her mother’s abuse was foresight into her own future – a future that, no matter how much she sought to avoid it, would inevitably come to pass.

That is the definition of despair.

“At my age, it was impossible for me to think about how to escape from there.”

The despair all but destroyed her until an opportunity finally came.

Today, Fairoz doesn’t live in despair, but quite the contrary.

She is freed, empowered and employed, and her life is marked by hope and a brighter future.

She is excelling in her professional and personal development.

“[Aruna] gives an opportunity to those who are denied it and I love that. When I think about the future, I hope to graduate in social work and want to be a social worker for [Aruna] to help others the way I was helped.”

She is now waiting for on a degree to begin helping others.

Using the money saved through her employment, Fairoz spent her Christmas vacation working hard to secure a small place to rent.

She used her time and money to ensure the small place was cleaned up.

She used her time and money to purchase simple items to make sure food could be cooked.

Then, she used her time and money to free her mother from years of exploitation.

Fairoz works as one of the team leads in the production of our line of athleisure bags.

She is excited to share her and her fellow artisans’ work with you.

She’s sure you’ll love what you see.

Check it out and become a part of her freedom story.

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