For Her Freedom

Raised: $40,766
54% Funded
Fundraising Goal

A local donor will match the amount of donations up to $75,000!
By donating, you will be entered to win an Aruna product giveaway.

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Clancy Burke, Local12 Reporter
Bob Herzog, Local12 Anchor

Donation Challenge + Giveaway

Aruna is an international human rights non-profit dedicated to freeing, empowering, and employing sexually enslaved women in India. The financial short-fall created by the COVID-19 pandemic is threatening our ability to sustain freedom to the women employed by our Freedom Business. We need your help to continue to pay their salaries and provide holistic care.

In partnership with WKRC-TV, Local 12, we are launching this challenge with the goal of raising $75,000 by June 15. These funds will not only help sustain freedom to current Aruna Artisans, but also help set the stage for bringing freedom to more women later this year. Every donation made, no matter how small, will help.

Challenge Dates: May 18-June 15

Donate for a Chance to Win! Each week of the challenge will feature a giveaway of products hand-made by our incredible Artisans.

How to Enter: A donation of $10 or more will automatically enter you into the giveaway drawing for that week. One entry per person is allowed each week.

Find Out if You Won! A winner will be selected at random and announced the following Monday on the Aruna Project Facebook page (@ArunaProject)

Weekly Giveaway!

Aruna Collection (Olive)

This week we will be giving away a Sonu Backpack (Olive), Bharti Backpack Tote (Olive), Shree Crossbody (Olive), Aruna Duffel (Olive), and Sephura Wristlet (Olive).

Donation Deadline: Donate by Sunday, May 31 at 11:59 pm ET to be entered for a chance to win.

Find out if you won! A winner will be selected at random and announced 6/1 on the Aruna Project Facebook page (@ArunaProject)

Who We Are

An international human rights non-profit headquartered in Cincinnati, Aruna frees, empowers, and employs sexually enslaved women in India. Once freed from the brothels, the women are trained as Artisans to produce a line of functional luxury Athleisure products. The sale of these products funds the holistic care each Artisan receives – a living wage; safe, transitional housing; healthcare; retirement savings; and counseling.

Why We Do It

While sex trafficking is present in every country around the world, including here in the United States, we focus on India because Indian women are subject to exceptionally higher risk of being trafficked for sex due to poverty, gender inequality, violence, and lack of education. In fact, in the area in which we operate, there is an estimated 15,000 sex workers in 2-square miles.

How You Can Help

Our primary ask right now is to donate for her freedom. But you can also shop for her freedom by purchasing products made by Aruna Artisans from our online store. And by participating in our Aruna Virtual Run, you can run for women still enslaved to set them free.

Visit to learn more about the cause.