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Shareefa’s Story

“My life means nothing.”

On the third floor in a cramped room with four beds separated by pull curtains, Soni voiced her despair.

I had asked Soni, Sapana, Meena and Anjali about their future.

Each had been sold and longed to be free from the brutality, but each of them confessed that they no longer looked to their future.

Instead, they envisioned the future of their family members.

One envisioned her younger siblings growing up in her native place, finding good work and living a good life.

Another envisioned her daughter, who was born into this place, growing up, going to school and getting a job far from this place.

But, for each one, they confessed that there was no future for them.

They are slaves in this place.

The brutality of slavery is not just in the physical abuse, but in the crushing of the human will to live.

For Soni and her roommates, despair has set in and the vicarious possibilities of another are all that keeps them living.

But the brutality of slavery can be overcome.

“I have so much confidence, nothing can stop me now.”

After buying her own groceries at the market and walking home to her apartment that she shares with Khushi, Shareefa shared the next morning at our production facility that she has a great hope for today and for her future.

Sold at a young age, enduring for over a decade, she entered our production unit like one whose will was utterly crushed.

But, the liberating power of choice, the value of dignified work and the loving community of others who have overcome have restored what was seemingly destroyed.

Shareefa‘s future is bright and she knows it.

Help us do the same for Soni, Sapana, Meena, Anjali and others.

Love boldly. Give lavishly. Purchase repeatedly.

Thank you for all that you do to help us free, empower and employ women so that their eyes might be lifted and purpose, restored.

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