Artisan Stories

Nazma’s Story

When she first came into the room, Nazma’s hair was oily and matted, her skin was fraught with marks from others and her eyes were tired.

It was her first day of employment with the Aruna Project.

For her, it was not a day of celebration.

It was a day of evaluation.

What dangers awaited her here?

What made this place better than the exploitation she left?

What must she do here to get paid?

Nazma’s story is not unique to her.

She could share of countless women sold to ensure someone else – sold in to ensure someone else didn’t go hungry, to ensure someone else was clothed, to ensure someone else had what was needed.

Someone else.

Her evaluative eye was well-trained in what someone else wanted.

Yet, as she continued in her development with us, over time, she wondered if her eyes might be betraying her.

Over time, her questions of concern were filled in by experience that moved her to hope and trust again.

To see Nazma now is to see redemption.

“I feel so valued. I feel so loved. I am excited about my future.”

Her future certainly is bright.

With the past behind her, Nazma knows the best is yet to come.

She is excelling in her work and is now a team leader in the production of our line of athleisure bags.

She is excited to share her and her fellow artisans’ work with you.

She’s sure you’ll love what you see.

Check it out and become a part of her freedom story.

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