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Saphura’s Story

Saphura has four children.

She hardly seems old enough to be the mother of one.

When we set out to establish the Aruna Project and the freedom business that would follow, we asked Saphura if she would like to help us make a video that would envision freedom for enslaved women like her.

It was hard for her to conceive freedom.

“I gave up hope as I couldn’t see any help from anybody and thought this [sexual enslavement] will be my life forever.”

While still being forced to work in the area, she graciously agreed to help us with the video.

Her daughter played a significant role in the production of a video that represents the reality that many women and girls face – a life of sexual enslavement.

After months of very hard work, Saphura is now seated in safety, threading her machine, sewing her fabric and completing the bags she is helping to create.

She is in a place where she receives care, kindness, medical insurance, financial security and economic opportunity.

“I am living a quality life now; I can see the changes.”

The impact extends beyond her to those around her.

Her daughter no longer sleeps under the bed where her mother was abused or forced outside until the customer was finished.

Her daughter’s future is no longer likely to mirror the dark parts of her own journey.

Instead, her daughter experiences freedom.

Saphura wants to see that freedom extended to so many more.

“I can see opportunity for my friends [others confined to the brothels] here…”

Just as the Aruna Project video envisions.

Sometimes, movies can come true.

Saphura works as one of the team leads in the production of our line of athleisure bags.

She is excited to share her and her fellow artisans’ work with you.

She’s sure you’ll love what you see.

Check it out and become a part of her freedom story.

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