Shenaz’s Story




To sit at a table with all the food one could desire, then to sit for days without a morsel, heightens the sense of loss and deepens the sense of longing.

For those who come from a childhood marked by relative safety, care and provision, a plunge into the violence and abuse of commercial sexual exploitation becomes especially difficult to bear.

Shenaz understands this plunge.

In the brothels, she found herself in a conversation with Saphura, one of our artisans who has a strong desire to go back into the brothels with the Aruna Project Director of Employee Care, Seena, to help bring freedom to the enslaved.

Saphura shared with Shenaz that there is a place of safety, care and provision through employment if she would be willing to step into the unknown and flee the brothels.

Given the threats of the pimps and the depth of psychological trauma, remaining in the known evil she is experiencing is often the path of default versus stepping into the unknown, regardless of how good the unknown may seem.

Yet, with Saphura’s encouragement, Shenaz was in our production unit the next day.

She was introduced to the artisans who all share similar backgrounds.

She was introduced to the staff and to the work.

She was introduced to a few simple, but meaningful tasks for the day.

She did them well and with commitment.

And, she was thrilled to see and experience the light and life of the production unit.

As the work day came to a close, she pleaded with Seena.

“Don’t make me go back. Please, don’t send me back.”

Seena put Shenaz’s hands in her own and assured her.

“Shenaz, this place was made for you. You never need to go back. You are safe here.”

Shenaz’s hands relaxed, fear left her eyes and she rested in Seena’s assurance.

Help us do the same for other women like Shenaz.

Love boldly. Give lavishly. Purchase repeatedly.

Thank you for all that you do to help us free, empower and employ women so that their eyes might be lifted and purpose, restored.