Bright Morning Sun

Whether it is a morning run, a work commute, a song selection, or a dining option, there is liberating power in the freedom to choose. Yet, for millions their freedom has been sold as they are forced into the dark world of sex trafficking. Aruna, a Hindi word meaning bright morning sun, exists to restore the liberating power of choice. Together we can free, empower, and employ the enslaved. Run with us!

Our Story
Run For Their

We mobilize thousands across the US to Run for Their Freedom in Aruna Runs. In running or walking for a specific exploited woman by name, each Aruna Run participant raises awareness of her need and raises money to help bring her freedom through outreach programs in the red light areas. You can literally help set the enslaved free.

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Purchase For Their

Through our Freedom Business (owned by the Aruna Project) we employ those set free from the brothel system and bring them into an environment marked by holistic care to build a future marked by safety, security, and sisterhood. In purchasing from Aruna each customer receives spirited products with great design and a story of freedom that extends to the very Artisan who handcrafted it. Your purchasing power helps sustain freedom.

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Together We Can

Without others stepping into their need, most have no hope for a better future. So join with us and thousands across the US to help shape a better future for the enslaved. Together we can restore hope. We can bring freedom. We can provide employment. Together we can fashion beauty from destruction for our freedom is tied together.