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About the Aruna Organization

Sex trafficking isolates, silences, and renders powerless those who experience it. It also robs them of the liberties of what it means to be human and instead crushes them into the mold of a dehumanized sex slave. We believe that every person is of exceptional worth, should never be the property of another, and has the right to choose their own adventure. Eradicating sex slavery is not simply a benefit to freed individuals, but beneficial to cultures corporately as well.

Our USA operations are headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, while our international operations are headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

While sex trafficking is present in every country around the world, certain systemic factors coalesce in South Asia that have drawn our attention there. For example, young females in poverty there are subject to exceptionally higher risks of being trafficked for sex. The U.S. State Department’s annual TIP report, Walk Free Foundation’s Global Slavery Index, and Global Fund to End Modern Day Slavery all highlight South Asia with high rates of sex trafficking. When Aruna founders, Ryan and April Berg, first learned of the broader reality in South Asia, then spent time in Mumbai and learned about the specific sex trafficking issues within the city, they set out to create an option to help provide a solution in a local context. Additionally, we do not focus exclusively on South Asia. We also employ those freed from sex trafficking in the US. Our business model is designed so that as our impact grows in South Asia and product sales grow in the US, we are able to employ more women freed in the US into our US office.

We specifically serve women who have been forced, coerced, or deceived into sexually exploitation. While we are in relationship with those that seek to rescue minors (under 18 years of age), we focus primarily on adults and will only employ those over the age of 18. Some Aruna Artisans were rescued as minors and, after turning 18 and receiving help in an aftercare home, are now employed by us.

The USA entity has diverse revenue streams. Grants, individual donors, Aruna Run registrations and donations, sales revenue from products, all go to fund the effort of bringing lifelong freedom. Some of those funds are considered as ‘designated funds,’ which means they are designated for specific purposes within the mission of Aruna to bring lifelong freedom. Aruna Runs, for example, serve to fund both the non-profit in India (which accelerates the freedom process for those in the brothels) and the private Indian company (which employs and empowers those already set free).

We work alongside a number of other entities in the day-to-day operations. Some we are permitted to share about, like International Justice Mission, Salvation Army, Oasis India. Others we can not publicly disclose because of the sensitivity of the work.

Our USA entity founded and owns the Indian private limited company, which means that we are able to select the location, establish the company culture, and determine the quality of the labor conditions for the Aruna Artisans. Our production facility is not found in the typical manufacturing areas, but instead is located in a much safer and desirable area of the city near public transportation for easy travel and access. The building is secured and our floor is filled with natural light, high ceilings, open floor plan, and clean work space. It has a break area, counseling area, and specific production departments. Our normal work week is 5 days. A typical work day consists of 8 hours, with ½ hour lunch and tea breaks in the morning and afternoon. In addition, we have on-going counseling, development, assistance, and events designed to benefit the Artisans.

As employees of the company, each Artisan has a base salary that exceeds the living-wage standards for how the Indian government defines skilled or unskilled laborers. In addition, an Artisan receives retirement savings, health care savings, access to a company community fund in cases of medical emergencies, an annual bonus, and an annual raise. Each Artisan earns this salary and these benefits as an employee of the company and is paid as a result of the revenue generated by the company through the sales of products produced by the company.

Aruna is an International Human Rights US 501(c)(3), not a religious organization, and owns both the Indian non-profit and the Indian private limited company. In both of these places, women are served regardless of their faith tradition and/or beliefs. While Aruna is not a religious organization, founders Ryan and April Berg, are both compelled by their Christian faith.